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Have you ever considered developing an online course or online training to reach or help more people?

When I listen to people who want this to happen but never get it off the ground, they say it happens because of 1 of these 3 reasons:

  1. “I’ve been trying to get it happening for some time but it always seems to end up on the backburner.”
  2. “I have all the knowledge in my head, I just don’t have time to unpack it all” or
  3. “I don’t know if anyone WILL BUY, so I’m not sure it’s worth my time and money.”

It’s time to know once-and-for-all if you should start getting serious about developing an online course or not.

I have put together a webinar called ‘WILL THEY BUY?’ It’s a free, live and comprehensive webinar to determine if you should get serious or give up. Spots are limited to 100 so secure your place now.

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15 February 2018 @ 10am AEST